We will help you

Design your own line of  jewelry

Together we can create a 100% unique and personalized jewelry with your name on it and transition you into a brand

What we do

We take care of everything, so that you can continue making great content for your followers



Our jewelers will work with you in order to model and design a jewelry line you will be proud to put your name on


We will set up and maintain a professional e-commerce website for your brand, and provide top notch customer service.


We will manufacture the jewelry in required quantities fast, without ever sacrificing quality


We always analyze the relevant conversions and sales data in order to make necessary adjustments for maximum efficiency


We will provide you with a launch guide with detailed tips based on our analysis of the most succesful celebrity/influencer brand launches worldwide


We will take care of deliveries to your customers, and allow them to return their orders for full refunds if they’re not 100% satisfied

We can do this!

Let’s combine your personality, style and creativity with our passion and grow together


You win by creating your own high-quality jewelry brand, personalized with your ideas, style and name

Your customers win by getting to bond with you through jewelry that you will design especially for them

We win automatically by creating great value for you and your followers 

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Tell us a bit about yourself and some ideas you may have for your jewlery. We will review your application, create mood boards for you on pinterest and schedule you a call with one of our jewelers within 72 hours!